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MD Supply Plus is a leading provider of professional cosmetics, medical and orthopedic products, and all kinds of high-quality supplies for licensed professionals. With extensive experience on the market, we know how to cater to every kind of buyer, whether you are a medical practitioner or an esthetician. 

Clients choose one as we can guarantee: 

  • Genuine products 
  • Prompt & safe delivery
  • Wholesale discounts. 

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Our Expert

Rebecca Mayer is a content writer at MD Supply Plus

Los Angeles, Southern California

An independent expert in modern cosmetology and dermatology. Author of various courses for beauty injections.
Being an experienced beautician, she shares the subtleties of modern cosmetology with her students.

Rebecca Mayer has been working in aesthetic medicine for more than ten years. She started her career with the
correction of clients’ faces. Lifting the contours of the face, plastic lips, eyelids, and cheekbones
and correcting the facial oval was her main direction of work in aesthetic cosmetology. Also, she dealt with
biorevitalization, peeling, mesotherapy, and reinforcement.

The main thing that speaks for her professionalism is more than a thousand satisfied customers and students.